Getting To Know the User Interface

The User Interface

The user interface consists of a single main screen. At the top of this screen you’ll find the "Launch Button", "Quick Access Toolbar" and a set of seven tabs.

Launch Button


The Launch Button is in the top-left corner of Backup Client. It provides fast access to files and frequently used commands. From here, you can quickly create a new job, open, run and save an existing job, or import previous backup jobs.

Quick Access Toolbar

From here, simply click on the appropriate icon to create a new job, open an existing job or save the current job.


The Home tab contains convenient information about your previous and next scheduled backup as well as useful shortcuts and the "Quick Select" feature. The Backup tab allows you to select files and folders to backup. Similarly, the Copy tab allows you to select files and folders to be copied to another destination. The Restore tab enables you to make selections in order to restore files and folders. The Schedule tab provides a means to schedule backup jobs to run at a future time/date. The Logs tab provides access to logs for previously run jobs. The Device tab provides a means to configure and view backup devices.  The Status tab give you a method to view the progress of the currently running job.

The file lists in the Backup, Copy and Restore tabs look very similar to the Windows Explorer, which makes it familiar and easy to use. Selected files can be browsed by expanding the drives or network resources in the tree view display on the left-hand side. Next to each folder and file is a check box. These are used for adding and removing files from the selection list.

Note: The name of the currently selected job is listed at the top of the  Backup Client program window.